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Pastels and Black / Knits and Leather

Or, layered up for in-between seasons…

Pastels have already become a massive hit this season; it might just be because they are such a massive change from the rock-chick, studded / sequinned looks that were so massive last season.

After a bit of window shopping last week, I saw that most of the high street stores have pretty pieces in dozens of shades; from off-white to dark pink and mink, and everything in-between. A lot of the looks / visual merchandising that featured the lighter pieces are put together with darker toned and black elements. I think this way of wearing pastels is a perfect for coming out of winter, before the weather warms up.

I’m not getting into that whole, not wearing white out of season thing, but some paler colours can look a bit to summery for winter. The fabrics that are used are also quite light; lace and sheer viscose need to be layered up with warmer fabrics in colder months.

So I mixed up these little cotton-lace culottes and polka-dot vest (worn backwards) with a leather jacket and boots, and a woollen scarf and cardigan. It also meant that the pastel colours of the shorts and vest was set off against the dark leather. The hand-knitted, Arran cardi mixed the two elements together perfectly.

More pics and outfit details at


Passion for Shorts in Winter.

Even though it’s insanely cold, with perfect timing I have inadvertently decided that I am into shorts. I’ve already bought two pairs with my Christmas vouchers and I want more. Topshop are kindly allowing me to indulge, their grey denim ones with polka dot hearts (see left) are just fab. Ridiculous as it my be to wear shorts in winter, I figure, at least you can layer them up. I’m thinking tights and/or long socks and heavy boots.

Not to mention the top half, if you go bulky on top with chunky knits / (faux) fur or embellished coats, shorts help create a slim silhouette on the bottom half. (If you get my drift). So what else can I do but indulge and buy plenty of tights to go with my new fashion obsession. NB: I am also in love with polka dots and gold nail varnish – fingernails only though, with blue toes it looks a bit grim. A fabulously foresighted friend of mine bought me few shades from Virgin Vie cosmetics for Christmas and gold was one of them. (So thanks Lis!) More pics at Her Apparel.


Full Leather Outfit? That shouldn’t work!

Yesterday I had one of those YouTube evenings where you just start watching something and you click on the next clip then the next. After an hour you realise that you have been brought along on the most random tangent from what you started watching. Through whatever tags people who were uploading clips had chosen, I ended up watching the Elvis Presley 68 Comeback Special. Check him out, (image below) head to toe leather and I want those leather cuffs please. As far as I was concerned, head to toe leather should be the reserve of biker chicks and super heroes, right? But no one could look better that Elvis in a pair of leather jeans and matching jacket.

The outfit came about when producers of the TV special approached costume designer Bill Belew and asked him what he thought Elvis should wear. He said that at the time everyone was wearing blue jeans and denim jackets; he decided that to change that slightly and swap denim for leather. It certainly gave Elvis the wow factor that was enough to boost his career and catapult the King back into the realms of super stardom where he belongs.

I love the look on the woman’s face, bottom right in the pic, she is just in absolute awe of the man and she can only see him from behind! Fabulous. Ah, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em and jump up and down on the sofa while you’re at it! Above is my sartorial ode to Elvis. More pics here at Her Apparel.

Elvis Image courtesy of NBC Television.


More Purple Deliciousness.

Purple is my colour of the moment. It was all over the AW09 fashion shows and I went a bit of a mission looking for some purple pieces earlier in the week. I came across this purple floral number in AWear. I actually think it has about 3 shades of purple in total and I love that it is in-between the tulip and lantern shapes. At 20 yoyo’s it’s also a bit if a bargain.

After my last 2 what I wear posts being pretty and feminine and this skirt reflecting the same style I decided to create a look that was a bit more edgy. I wore it with these Henry Holland Mock-Stockings, some driving gloves and a high-neck short-sleeved jumper.

(Yeah them boots again, you’d think I only had one pair of footwear…) Next post they will be no-where to be seen.  More pics here at Her Apparel.


Get layerd up in Plaid for Autumn

What I Wore October 4th 3So it’s Autumn, hooray! I love this time of year, especially October, and here is why:

1. Low, bright sunshine, today is no exception

2. The trees are all golden and orange and yellow

3. Layers rock

4. It’s chilly enough to wear tights so no more unsightly fake tan streaks

5. Halloween

Speaking of layers, I’ve jumped on the glamour / grunge bandwagon for the time being. You know, the trend that has revamped the mid-90’s music-inspired way of dressing with some added luxe elements; think, wearing plaid shirts teamed with sequins and smokey eye make-up while listening to Nirvana. Some stores / magazines have combined the two elements by calling it Glunge, which is a horrible word but you get the idea.

With this in mind I found the perfect plaid shirt (€35) in River Island on Saturday, I wanted to buy one that was slightly over-sized so I can wear it in different ways, either in the true grunge way on top of all the other things I wear or cinched in at the waist with a skinny belt. I chose green, which surprised me, I was thinking I would go for red before I shopped, but the fabulous sales assistant in River Island on Grafton Street, helped me out and showed me the green one which I loved immediately! I teamed it with some sheer tights, my trusty buckled ankle boots, a short skirt and messy hair, see here. Continue reading ‘Get layerd up in Plaid for Autumn’

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