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Style Inspration: Jennifer Herrema

Hey All,

Just wanted to say a big bloomin thanks to all y’all who’ve bigged up the auld Barnet Fair over the weekend! I’m massively overwhelmed! Still loving the new fringe; you find a good hairdresser you gotta keep ’em, right!?

Speaking of fringes, I just came across this photoshoot by Mike Piscitelli for Urban Outfitters with Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux. It’s just a bit of inspiration for a Monday evening.

Click here for the full interview and more pics.

The YouTube below is the first of a series of video interviews, produced to promote Jennifer’s Road Tested range for Volcom Brand Jeans.

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In a bit.



Real Rock Chicks

Each time I write or say the words “rock chick” I almost cringe. For a start it’s a bit clichéd, the term has been bandied about freely over the last few years whenever leather jackets or distressed denim happen to be on trend. Secondly, apart from women like Chrissy Hines and Debbie Harry are there really any real rock chicks anyway?

Lets take it back 40 years or so, before the term rock chick was ever used. During the 60’s, a time of massive social change, rock music was created and became a way of life for many people. Bands like the Rolling Stones, created music for their own generation and it influenced everything, not least fashion. Though some artists, like Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix had incredibly unique style, it was the women who hung out with these men that really led the way when it came to fashion. These were the original and real rock chicks; they created a new look, one that was relaxed, it was, don’t-try-too-hard, laid back and eclectic. It was a huge step away from the primped and preened Stepford Wives look of the 50’s and a step toward the rebellious freedom that the 60’s represented.

Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

Anita & Keith

Keith Richards

Anita Pallenberg & Keith Richards

Anita Pallenburg & Jagger

Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg

richards and child

Keith and Mick

Keith and Anita Pallenberg

Both the Rolling Stones and their wives/girlfriends are the ultimate rock style icons. I love everything Keith Richards, Mick Jagger and Anita Pallenberg are wearing in this selection of photographs from the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Other style-forward rock chicks include, Beatles first-ladies, Jane Asher (looking amazingly Mod-tastic) and Barbara Bach.

Jane Asher piczo

Barbara Bach

Jim Morrison’s wife Pam and on a slight tangent, because they say that comedians are the new rock stars, Peter Cook’s wife, Judy Huxtable.

Jim Morrison and Pam

Judy Huxtable wife of Peter Cook

One rock star that was more stylish than any of the women he was associated was Jimi Hendrix, his military influenced jackets worn open here with huge medallions sound dubious but look amazing.


jimi hendrix

Images courtesy of and


Idol at New Look is Kickin’ It

Idol Collection at New LookLast week, New look launched a new collection that they have called Idol. It’s  a rock chick inspired collection comprising 32 pieces and 36 accessories and it’s the accessories that I am desiring.

Especially these boots… Idol Suede Chain Boot £60 Newlook

Yup, I need them, the hidden platform, the suede / chain detailing, the rouching are all perfect and at £60 (approx. €80) I reckon they shall be mine. Continue reading ‘Idol at New Look is Kickin’ It’

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