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Elle Magazine Scores a Great Cover… Again.

I’m not 100 percent sure what you’ll think of this confession but, I have an extraordinarily short attention span. Short as in, if I were back in infants class I might just be given Ritalin for it. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m easily distracted or easily bored or both but I find it very hard to concentrate for longer than about ten mins. Still, at least I have found the right subject to write about. I’m not complaining at all, it’s just a little window into my world. It may also go some way to explaining why it’s taken me about two weeks to post these beautiful pictures of Natalie Portman from this months UK Elle magazine.

She is impossibly pretty and proper. She talks about the perils of de-robing in movies. “You see actresses who marketed themselves on their bodies, and they might be good, but overtime they just lose it because that sort of thing doesn’t last“. Talking about her role as an assassins side kick in Léon, she says, “The good girl image was something I consciously cultivated after Léon. There was a lot of controversy about the Lolita thing… I didn’t want to be seen as a s*x object, so I went the opposite direction“.

She also talks about red carpet fashion and how it relates to her everyday wardrobe: “I’m lucky because when I have events to go to, I get to borrow incredibly beautiful dresses that have been made by wonderful artists, like Laura and Kate Mulleavy from Rodarte and Alber Elbaz from Lanvin“… “It’s funny, some of my actress friends and I talk about how none of us have the big wedding obsession that other girls our age have, and I think it’s because what girls experience on their wedding day happens a few times a year for us. Any time you go to a premiere…“. All the pomp and ceremony has a knock on effect on her everyday clothes and creates a desire for her to feel comfortable when she’s not working; “Sometimes I see pictures of myself and I’m like, “What am I wearing?””

That may well be the case, but thankfully doing a shoot for Elle magazine is work, (whatevs, sucks to be you Natalie…) which means that what she is wearing is divine. Styled by Sasa Thomann and Photographed by David Slijper.

In Lanvin

In D&G, Ella Moss, Sophia Kokosalaki


Contender for Model of the Year 2009. #2 Lara Stone

Every time I go to the dentist, they always say, ‘You really need to fix that gap of yours.’ I’m like, ‘My gap is paying your dentist bills.'”  And so was the word of Lara Stone, talking to i-D Magazine, in November last year. So I have continued my model of the year blogging, and this German / Dutch / British lady is next on the list. French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld said about her. “Sometimes a girl just touches you” and following her campaigns with Chloe, DKNY, Givenchy, H&M, Jil Sander , Max Mara, Belstaff, Jean Paul Gaultier, Nicole Farhi and Louis Vuitton SS10, it seems many others would agree.

Lara Stone was named by UK Vogue as model of the year in their December 09 issue, of which she was the cover star. She a features in a story / shoot in their Jan 2010 issue which hit stands last week. She is highly coveted by magazine and fashion houses alike and has an edginess that few of her peers can offer. Indeed, there are very few women in the world that can make a Page 3 shoot, high fashion, see images from ID December 09 (below). A massive favourite of the magazine, she not only featured on their Nov 08 cover, but is also one of the 3 cover stars for the December 09 issue. In February this year Vogue Paris dedicated itself to Lara and featured her as the issue’s cover star and sole model promoting Carine Roitfeld to make the above statement. Her gap-tooth smile, razor-sharp cheek bones, smouldering pout and killer figure make her as commercial as she is high-fashion, here’s why.

For Louis Vuitton SS10

Backstage at the Louis Vuitton SS10 shoot. (image via

UK Vogue, December 2009

ID Magazine November 2008

ID Magazine December 2009 (with Jamie Dornan)


Contender for Model of the Year 2009. #1 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I have no idea how many contenders there will be maybe 2, maybe 10, but I’m starting with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Discovered at 15 on a school work experience placement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has since secured jobs with some seriously high-profile and high-fashion companies. Now, at 22, she has already worked for Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger DKNY, Burberry, Clinique, BCBG Max Azria and Victoria’s Secret as well as scoring Agent Provocateur earlier this year.

In February, she was named Model of the Year at the Elle Style awards, but this is not my reason for considering her. It is her versatility as a model that puts her at the top of the list in my book and it was in July that she really made her mark. An editorial photographed by James Meakin was published in Exit magazine and it blew my socks off. I had seen Rosie in dozens of photographs; editorial, ads and red carpet, where she looks pretty but commercial…

For Burberry … with Sam Riley

…but this shoot showed just how high-fashion she could be. Incredible.

James Meakin Editorial Pics courtesy of The Photography Link all others google and Burberry.


Elle magazine January Covers: It’s Britney V’s Gaga

Elle magazine have two of the biggest pop stars of 2009 on their January 2010 covers. Unfortunately though, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears were not shot together, they each have their own cover. Gaga has the news stand version, Britney the subscribers version which also features her kiddywinks. The Lady Gaga shoot is very Elle, I do like a bit of Gaga and I love these photographs, she looks fabulous and everything she is wearing is amazing. I know sometimes Elle can almost re-vamp / make-over the stars that they shoot but this one has encapsulated the more subtle side of Gaga’s unconventionalism perfectly. I think the Britney shoot, on the other hand is a bit more Hello magazine than Elle, except for what she is wearing of course, but you can’t deny that it’s pretty adorable. I also reeeeeally want the blue Marabou feather Valentino coat in the first her picture (below).

Lady Gaga for US Elle Magazine, January 2010

Britney Spears for US Elle Magazine, January 2010


Stellar Mag Pics

A few weeks ago I posted about a shoot me and some other fashion bloggers had the privilege to take part in, for Stellar mag. The issue came out last week and here are the final pics!


Behind the Scenes on a Magazine Fashion Photoshoot

or how the magic comes to life…

Looking over my shoulder (very) early on Saturday morning, I wandered along a less than salubrious lane on Dublin’s Northside looking for a photographer’s studio. As I turned a corner I spied a stylish bunch of ladies, wearing some fab outfits and knew I had found the right place. Said, stylish ladies were fellow fashion bloggers and I joined them in hanging around the on the cobbles, before going in for a photoshoot. The fashion shoot was to showcase the rising trend in Ireland (pun not intended) of bloggers posting ‘What I Wear’ posts. 8 style bloggers all in our favourite outfits, were to be shot by Lily Forberg for Stellar magazine.

I had read and commented on most of the blogs that were represented but hadn’t met any of the creators themselves. I was therefore, incredibly excited to meet the women behind some of the most impressive style blogs in the country. It was an honour to be photographed along with bloggers, Arsheen Qasim of FashionFilosophy and Blanaid Hennessy of These ladies have such amazing, individual style that I commented on what both ladies were wearing for Grazia Stylehunter last month. It was fabulous to meet the writers of some new and exciting blogs like, Leonn from cosmo-sparkle and Jess from GetYourFrocks. Meeting Laura Cunningham one half of the bloomin hilarious StyleBitches, Cathy from ThisIsAnOffshoot and Zohra of OpheliaFord was also incredibly impressive. These three ladies have all been blogging longer than I have and all their blogs are completely individual and original; it was great to meet them all.

So we chatted and complimented each other’s hard work (yes it was a bit of a love-in really) while we all decided what to wear and how we wanted our hair and make up done. After an hour or so all butterflies and nerves had been suppressed as we realised we were in such fabulous company and most importantly, none of us were going to be photographed wearing the same outfit. I mean, can you imagine… The horror.

Bloggers ChattingBloggers chatting, studying, reading, researching etc…

Our WardrobeOur Wardrobe, well a tiny portion of it anyway!

Me in Make-up“Think smokey and double it please”…

Getting my hair done pic by Arsheen QasimThe bigger the better… oh and I have this crows wing I’d like you to stick in there somewhere if you could… Me getting my barnet fixed by the fabulous, Mr.Maurice Flynn. (photo credit Arsheen Qasim)

Me being photogrsphed by Lily ForbergMy moment to shine, which I made sure I did in sequins and pleather! The amazing Lily Forberg working her magic.

All of us being Shot by LilyLine ’em up and shoot ’em. I love how different we all look!

Lily and Corina & Bloggers outsidePretty maids all in a row… here we are with the utterly brilliant Corina Gaffey and Lily Forberg. To which we owe the whole experience. L-R: Blanaid Hennessy of, Zohra of Ophelia Ford, Corina, Jess of GetYourFrocks, Lily, Moi, Cathy of ThisIsAnOffshoot, Arsheen Qasim of FashionFilosophy, Leonn of CosmoSparkle and Laura Cunningham of StyleBitches.

I’m certain I can safely say that we were all really excited and incredibly grateful to the Queen Bee of Fashion Editors in Dublin Miss Corina Gaffey of Stellar magazine for asking us all to be part of the shoot. I would also like to thank Ciúin Tracey for working absolute wonders in taking the majority of these snaps with my ancient and past-it 5MP digital camera!

See here, for the run-down on Her Apparel

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