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Brown Thomas and the Hermès Kellydoscope Bag

Hey all,

I felt like I was in some weird Alice in Wonderland scenario this morning. Though, as much as I would’ve loved to have had a conversation with a giant caterpillar smoking a hukka, my morning was slightly less surreal. Having not actually drank from a bottle marked ‘drink me’, I still managed to walked into Brown Thomas and be dwarfed by a giant handbag. It ‘s actually a 12ft Hermès Kelly bag and is made exactly to spec, i.e. the same fabric and leather etc, as a regular-size one.

It’s pretty impressive, this is what it looks like from close up…

You can go inside it too… and feel a bit daft coming back out of it; yet again the eagle eyes of security were giving me the once over… Seriously this bag is 12ft tall lads. What’ma gonna do with it!?

Anyway, the bag is there to promote the Marvel Room at Brown Thomas;  a showcase of exclusive pieces that have been created through collaborations with some big fashion brands. YSL, Tom Ford, Chanel, Mulberry and Tiffany have all created one-off gifts that will be on sale in the Marvel Room in the run-up to Christmas. (Christmas for the utterly spoilt I presume… Green eyes Whisty? …Yes.)

Not to be outdone, Hermès have created the ‘So Black’ Kelly bags; a 32″ Kelly and a Kelly Mini Pochette. All the ‘exterior hardware’ on the usual Kelly have been ‘blacked-out with a glossed black finish’. I like it, it looks more elegant this way I think.

It’s no illusion, the bags are in a glass case, but you know if you fancy putting either/or on your list for Santa this year, best to warn him that the price-tag is a little on the gulp-worthy side. The Mini Pochette is €3,100 and the 32″ is €5,720. Oh and if you don’t think a bag could possibly be worth that much money, have a wander down to the Hermès concession over the next three days. Brown Thomas has an Hermès craft-person in-store, (in actual fact, an utterly lovely and très jolie Frenchwoman) who you can watch, making a Kelly bag by hand. The finished bag will be in purple leather, (I saw the individual parts – the handle alone is made up of 5 pieces of leather) and will be on sale in the Marvel Room from Sunday.

The giant Kellydoscope bag will be in store until 14th November.


In a Discotheque at Dawn #2

Hey all,

So after Tuesday’s post, I was kinda of inspired by the music; specifically the lyrics. ‘In a Discotheque at Dawn‘, makes me think of  stuff  that only really happens at festivals. Dancing till the sun comes up is usually the preserve of summertime and being outdoors.

Anyway I went to the student night at Kling on Blooms Lane the other night and got talking to the Daddy or Chips club-night organiser. (When you pay in to the club, you 15% off vouchers for Kling and other places). So the subject turned to blogging then that Bryan Ferry post. Then to the idea to do a style-post, on an empty dance floor, in an empty discotheque as it were, at ‘dawn,’ so to speak.

Hot pants and discotheques go hand in hand and I love the dressed down chic of a fitted sweater or cardi so that’s what I went with. I just had my fringe trimmed too, which I’m delighted about. (I’ve missed peering out from under it, and it always ends up being pushed to the side, emo-like when it’s not kept trimmed.)

I’ve always wanted one of these egg chairs too, may have to invest in an Hermès Kellydoscope bag so I can smuggle this one out of the club.

My word this last photo makes me want red hair…

More photos and all outfit details on HerApparel



I came to get down, I came to get down…

OR… I’ll serve your A$$ like John McEnroe

OR… White girl can’t jump… Not in these heels anyway.

Sometimes I just can’t decide on a blog title.

Don’t you just love an impromptu party weekend? The girls arranged a bit of a do in town, involving one or two cocktails, I hasten to add. Anyway, I knew there’d be a bit of a boogie involved too and having just bought this skirt & blouse, I jumped (soz) at the chance to wear them.

Both are made of really light, sheer fabrics, (if you can imagine a kind of faux silk-chiffon) which it means that they move really well when they’re worn… like when I’m dancing.

The skirt was about 2/3 inches longer until I chopped off the hem and taking inspiration from Hermés SS10 pleated tennis skirts, I left it rough-cut so it would fray slightly.

The blouse is a few sizes too big which I think is a good thing when the fabric is this sheer, more fitted might be a little tacky? It also means that the sleeves stay up on my arms without rolling which gives a much nicer looking effect I think. I tried opaque tights first and the whole look was too dark and a bit witchy, I opted for fishnets  instead.

Seeing as it was all looking a bit ‘saucy-secretary’ (unintentionally), I added bright red lips, a thick slick of Kohl on my eyelids and, I think, the highest heels I have.

All outfit details at HerApparel.

Continue reading ‘I came to get down, I came to get down…’


Brown Thomas is Definitely F.A.B

Brown Thomas FAB Fashion ExpressNo matter how skint I am I always feel a little bit wealthier by going into Brown Thomas. It’s so weird, I get all precious and check my lipstick and straighten myself out before I walk in there. It’s like going back in time when you’re inside; it’s like you can imagine how it was at the turn of the last century when all the elegant ladies in there would have been showing off their furs and silks and high heels.

Mostly now it’s tourists and bedraggled, be-suited businesswomen hiding from the rain. But I love department stores, and I love designer fashion so it makes sense that I love BT’s. Their Fashion and Beauty (FAB) event starts today and runs untill October 4th. Now before you dismiss this as, “just another in-store promotion” then wait just a sec. There are actually some pretty good goings on:

Today and tomorrow (10th & 11th) is Make-Up by Dior, giving us the chance to have a consultation with Dior’s make-up artist, Martin Aitken. For €25 (redeemable) you get first hand tips from a man who’s done the faces on the BAFTA red carpet for the last three years. Good non?

It’s the fashion part of FAB that I like the sound of;  mini fashions shows will be hosted each saturday afternoon (12.30 and 4pm) of the new collections from: Diane Von Furstenberg (12th Sept) Hugo Boss (19th Sept), Moschino Cheap & Chic (26th Sept) and Escada (3rd October). This saturday you also get to see a special showing of the AW09 collection from Maxmara whilst enjoying a glass of Champagne from midday.

They are also doing the cutest idea ever; from next Saturday (19th) for a week they have installed an Hermès Silk Installation in the Designer Room Level 1 where you can go and learn how to tie your scarf in dozens of different ways. The BT site has all the info anyway.


Alternative Ways to Tie a Scarf

It’s time to dig out your silk scarves; Summer is the perfect season to make the most of them and the geniuses at Hermès have come up with a novel way of showing us just how we can. I was recently given a pack of their Cartes à Nouer or Knotting Cards and this is a small selection of the ways in which you can knot your silk (or otherwise) scarves. From traditional around-the-neck to wearing them on your head and even making tops out of them, the cards feature photographs of how the scarves would look and on the reverse of each card, pretty diagrams on how to tie a scarf to achieve the look. Totally inspirational!

Cards 1&2, Neck Ties – (L) Cowboy & Écharpe

Hermes Neck Scarves Summer 2009How to Tie Neck Scarves HermesCards 3&4, Head Ties – (Hat) Ruban de Chapeau & (Head) Chignon Couture

Hermes Head Scarves

How to Tie Head & Hat Scarves HermesCards 4 & 5, Tops -(L) Top au Carré & Robe Asymétrique

Hermes Scarf TopsHow to Tie Scarves Tops Hermes

Hermès Scarves are available in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street.

Tie Rack have similar style silk scarves for a fraction of the price, their stores are on Grafton Street, Stephens Green Shopping Centre and Dundrum Town Centre.

Cartes à Nouer

Hip Hip – Hermès AW09 Accessories

Hermès LogoI was invited, to look at the latest collection of Hermès accessories in a beautiful Georgian house on St. Stephen Green this morning. I spent a full hour drooling at the beautiful craftsmanship of every silk scarf, leather accessory and beautifully created and insanely famous handbag that was there.

The theme for the season, given to the entire design team by the Artistic Directors at Hermès, was La Grande Évasion or The Great Escape,which ran through the collection on different levels.

Taking inspiration from travel and escape as well as aviators of the 30’s Continue reading ‘Hip Hip – Hermès AW09 Accessories’

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