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Pieces of A|wear: It’s not all about the 60’s.

Hey All,

I’m sure at this stage you’ve seen the recent photo campaign from A|wear’s AW10 collection. You know the pretty ones with the girl who’s dressed a bit like Duffy with a scruffy beehive? Lovely right? However, as cute as they are, there’s so much more on offer in-store than the beatnik vibe of pretty 60’s shift dresses.

These are the pieces of A|wear, I really want right now… I’m particularly keen on a pair of skinny corduroy trousers.

NB: I haven’t been too greedy and have only picked one bag and one pair of shades!

Price range for featured pieces: Accessories €10 – €20; Tops €15 – €45; Trousers / Shorts €28 – €35; Dresses €35 – €65; Outerwear €55 – €70.


Whisty Xx


Style Post: Grunge Revival

Hey All,

Long time no blog. I was honoured, to be asked to guess-post for one of  Ireland’s best blogs; A Chick Named Hermia last week. So I’ve worked my little fingers off, typing away at that for the last few days. I have no qualms about writing for my blog, but wow, I actually felt a tinsy bit of pressure writing for someone else’s. But anyway, link to follow when / if the post goes live over at Hermia. Promise!

I did however find time to go wandering about, among some old farm buildings. I dunno why, looking for some sort of illegal rave / barn dance-type affair possibly. For some reason, I feel like I have to be dressed, ready to attend some sort of festival at any moment during summer. Probably explains, not only the barn-wanderings, but also the fact that I have enough pairs of Doc Marten’s and flannel shirts to dress a Pearl Jam tribute band.

More Photos and All outfit details at HerApparel.



New Look’s Fashion Gossip

Ever since New Look enlisted the modelling talents of Luke Worral for their menswear ad campaign, their womenswear range, it seemed, was lacking an equivalent. Today,however, they announced that teeny tiny Gossip Girl, Taylor Momsen would be stepping in to fill the stylish gap.

The ads are simple and focus equally on both the clothes and Taylor Momsen. Her quintessentially rock chick, grunge look is perfectly prettied-up to create a more mainstream look for the High Street market. I really like this first image, the washed out images serves to enhance the paleness of her skin and hair and along with the dress it all makes her trademark khol-lined eyes and dark nail varnish really stand out.

I’m looking at the campaign images aesthetically here, but as far as marketing goes, recruiting a popular actress from a very popular TV show is a stroke of genius. New Look has its followers, but the fashion-forward crowd would just as quickly shop in H&M or Topshop as they would New Look. So in grabbing Taylor Momsen for this seasons campaign, will New Look succeed in making their stores first point of call for shoppers? That remains to be seen, but it has undoubtedly created quite a fashion coup, I for one can’t wait to see the posters in-store. It’s refreshing to think that some of the pieces she’s wearing actually look like she would wear them through choice.


Get layerd up in Plaid for Autumn

What I Wore October 4th 3So it’s Autumn, hooray! I love this time of year, especially October, and here is why:

1. Low, bright sunshine, today is no exception

2. The trees are all golden and orange and yellow

3. Layers rock

4. It’s chilly enough to wear tights so no more unsightly fake tan streaks

5. Halloween

Speaking of layers, I’ve jumped on the glamour / grunge bandwagon for the time being. You know, the trend that has revamped the mid-90’s music-inspired way of dressing with some added luxe elements; think, wearing plaid shirts teamed with sequins and smokey eye make-up while listening to Nirvana. Some stores / magazines have combined the two elements by calling it Glunge, which is a horrible word but you get the idea.

With this in mind I found the perfect plaid shirt (€35) in River Island on Saturday, I wanted to buy one that was slightly over-sized so I can wear it in different ways, either in the true grunge way on top of all the other things I wear or cinched in at the waist with a skinny belt. I chose green, which surprised me, I was thinking I would go for red before I shopped, but the fabulous sales assistant in River Island on Grafton Street, helped me out and showed me the green one which I loved immediately! I teamed it with some sheer tights, my trusty buckled ankle boots, a short skirt and messy hair, see here. Continue reading ‘Get layerd up in Plaid for Autumn’

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