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Penney’s v’s Christian Louboutin: The Bandage Boot.

Left, Christian Louboutin, right Penney’s (Primark).

I forgot to mention yesterday, what with all the talk of new hair, I got new boots too. I fell in love with the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage boots when I saw them, (especially the blue suede ones with black leather straps). It seems that Penney’s (Primark) have come to my rescue. They have cheekily done their own version, not in leather and suede for over €1000, but in (ahem) faux suede and elastic for €21. Ah, I’d be mad no to for that price, they’ll hopefully last the season, though stupidly I got the grey ones. They also come in black which would have been a more sensible choice but pah! I like ’em and I don’t get why people get so uppity about high street ‘versions’. Who are people kidding when they say it puts designers out of business? If I could even remotely afford the Christian Louboutin originals I’m afraid it would be adios Penney’s and I’d wager that would be the attitude of most women. (wow, what a well rounded argument Whisty). Happy pre-christmas bargain hunting peeps!


Trend Watch – Buckled Boots

Arguably the most famous boots with buckles on are Hunter Wellingtons. But unless you live on a farm or muck out stables, they are reserved, for the most part, for an annual outing to Oxegen. Though incidentally New Yorkers are huge fans of the humble welly, I was there in April and I promise you they are the footwear of choice for all of Manhattan!

Leaving the mighty Hunter aside, designers have put buckles all over their ‘regular’ boots and I personally would love a pair; the only requirement is the more buckles the merrier! They would look incredible with dresses and skinny trews alike and would bring right through the seasons offering that edginess that plain old non-embellished boots would be hard pressed to.

These Balmain and Chloé ones are the best I’ve seen, if only my pocket matched my taste. I put it to the high street to offer something amazing and affordable for AW09!

Balmain Suede buckled ankle boots €1,059.69 Chloé Multi buckle leather boots €850

L – Balmain Suede buckled ankle boots €1,059.69, R- Chloé Multi buckle leather boots €850. Balmain and Chloé collections are available in Brown Thomas.


Hip Hip – Hermès AW09 Accessories

Hermès LogoI was invited, to look at the latest collection of Hermès accessories in a beautiful Georgian house on St. Stephen Green this morning. I spent a full hour drooling at the beautiful craftsmanship of every silk scarf, leather accessory and beautifully created and insanely famous handbag that was there.

The theme for the season, given to the entire design team by the Artistic Directors at Hermès, was La Grande Évasion or The Great Escape,which ran through the collection on different levels.

Taking inspiration from travel and escape as well as aviators of the 30’s Continue reading ‘Hip Hip – Hermès AW09 Accessories’


Manolo Kicks Myth Rumours to Curb

Shoe God, Manolo Blahnik, has finally, (finally!) re-released one of the most coveted shoes in the world. The Black Patent Mary Jane made infamous by his greatest fan, Carrie Bradshaw, will finally be available to buy. Proving that it is no longer an “urban shoe myth”, that Carrie exclaims it to be in SATC.

manolo Blahnik Patent Mary Janes

Manolo Blahnik told “I adore Ms. Parker, the character she played has had such a role in my career – I cannot help but regard both of them as muses!”

How amazing? Of the Campari shoe he says, “It started off with the idea of a children’s Mary Jane, but then I made it sexy; pointed toe, high heel – and in black patent with grosgrain trim!”

I asked in the Manolo Blahnik shoe boutique in Brown Thomas when they would be arriving in store… end of July / beginning of August for the new AW09 collection. And the possible price point??? Maybe around €500! Sounds good to me, i shall start saving now I think, or more info on the entire Blahnik SS09 collection on click here

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