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Ossie Clarke 2013 Spring Summer Preview

Hey All,

Debenhams announced its latest fashion designer collaboration at the beginning of November, along with it, two images. Both maxi dresses, one floral the other monochrome stripes. The new collaboration is with Ossie Clark, the brand. Now owned by Alison Mansell Ltd Ossie Clark has St. Martins Collage of art graduate, Nicholas Georgiou, is at the design helm – Ossie Clark the man, was tragically murdered in London in 1996.

Ossie Clark Whisty

Ossie Clark and his wife Celia Birtwell defined the King’s Road style in the late 1960’s. Together they pushed the boundaries of fashion and print-styles and created ethereal, flowing collections that epitomised the psychedelic era.

ossie clark celia birtwell catImage via google

His story is summed up in the words of a fellow blogger at

“In the late 1960s, Clark hit a rich vein for his flamboyant clothing range. The fashion press dubbed Ossie “The King Of King’s Road”. Clark pronounced himself a “master cutter. It’s all in my brain and fingers and there’s no-one in the world to touch me. I can do everything myself.” Clark’s great idol was the famous dancer Vaslav Nijinsky and his love of dance inspired his clothes to be free moving and not to restrict the female form. This style of dressing became quite popular in the 1970s thanks in large part to the popularity of Clark’s clothing. Ossie Clark is well known for his use of muted colours and moss crepe fabric. He also designed shoes, paper dresses, and snakeskin jackets.”

Ossie Clark Whisty 2

So really, I reckon it’s not so much a Debenhams collaboration with Ossie Clark, it’s a Debenhams collaboration with his name. Still I was excited to see the collection, hoping to find reproductions of the dresses that so many women have adored over the last half century. There were just four pieces from the 95-piece collection there:

Ossie Clarke Debenhams Whisty twitter

Ossie Clark Blue Psychedelic Trousers Whisty 2

I was hoping for more floor-grazing, dramatic, fashion pieces. As I left I was given a brochure which included an image of this dress…

ossie clark debenhams 2013Longer, yes, what I dreamed of? I dunno. But with 90 stylish pieces still to view I can’t call it. The print on those trousers is pretty fabulous, and will definitely fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.


Whisty Xx


Jonathan Saunders & Preen… at Debenhams

Hey All,

Isn’t it weird… sometimes when a designer collaborates with the High Street, there is such a huge song and dance about it. Cue, massive hoards outside the store and more gnashing of teeth and weeping than the Book of Revelations.

So when I was going up the escalators in Henry Street, I was pretty (make that really pleasantly) surprised when I saw that both Preen and Jonathan Saunders had launched diffusion lines in Debenhams.

A lot of the High Street / designer collaborations are over-priced, under-designed, cheap, tat. But Debenhams have been doing designer collaboration for years and I think they know what we, as consumers, want and deserve for our ‘dollar’.

Both of these collections offer good quality pieces; well finished and although not terribly avant garde in terms of design, they include some striking key pieces and prints.

It’s the price point, however, that I’m I most impressed by. (From €37.50 for T.Shirts / Vests – €299 Preen Leather Jacket – see below).

I tried some Jonathan Saunders peg leg trousers, €60

And a Jonathan Saunders bold print mini dress, €68

I wanted to try this, but they didn’t have my size…

As far as the Preen collection is concerned I’m waiting for this dress:

Or this Blouse…

Or maybe these…

The collection is available in the Henry Street store and on line at

Preen and Jonathan Saunders will be collaborating with Debenhams for a further 3 seasons and are due to be joined by Jonathan Kelsey by the end of March / early April.


Whisty Xx


Christmas Windows – The Big Blogging Week – post #4 of 6

Hey All,

Firstly, I have to admit that sales give me the heebie-jeebies. The thought of all those sad, ripped, make-up-stained, weird-coloured clothes, hanging limply on stock-room rails, makes me shudder. January, makes me never want to  shop again.  Today, however, I was completely suckered into the Debenhams pre-Christmas sale. (up to 25% off everything between now and Sunday). Everything in this sale is still on proper rails, nothing is stained and all the sizes are there. The only thing that suggests that there is a sale, are smallish tags showing 20%, 25% etc. off, hanging above everything.

I’m a total sucker for heels and to cut a long story short. I bought these:

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson €54 now €43.20 I don’t usually go for satin (?) shoes but I quite liked the vintage-70;s feel of the grosgrain detailing.

I actually originally went into town to look at all the Christmas windows. I know there’s already been a bit of coverage on the mythical Brown Thomas windows but I thought it’s only fair to do all three Irish department store in Dublin. I did the same last year, this year I’m going to leave it up to you to decide what you think about them all.

Brown Thomas

Clery & Co.


I recognise that dressHayworth Vintage included in the Christmas window. Props.




Shopping Trips and Playsuit Tips

Ah Debenhams, you pearl of North-side shopping goodness. How I so easily forget thee. Two things made me head over there this morning; 1. the size 16 mannequins the company have begun to use this week, which have received copious press coverage and 2. The ridiculously low price-point of the H! by Henry Holland range, which I found so hard to believe. So off I trotted  heading straight for the first floor and the H! collection.

Well it’s not subtle that’s for sure, it’s a massive range of pink and purple neon. From cycling shorts and cropped tees, to denim and leather gillets; from floral dresses to checked bikinis, topped off with pretty good accessories.

I always find that the accessories in high street / designer collaborations leave a lot to be desired. The shoes and totes in particular in this collection are definitely worth a try.

I ended up trying on a really lovely, not too bright and garish romper / playsuit (€54) which I have to admit I can’t believe I actually really liked.

I wasn’t hesitant because of the style or anything, I was purely hesitant because it was a playsuit. Quite frankly, they usually look awful on me. If you haven’t got a perfectly proportioned torso then a well-fitting playsuit, or jumpsuit for that matter, is about as easy to find as a golden fleece. A lot of high street stores compensate the fact that we are not generically sized, by adding a gathered / elasticated waistband. All this usually ends up creating, is a lovely lumpy-looking hip area and a crushing sense of defeat. As I said, not in this case and I think it’s because there is a really fitted section right around the middle (where the print becomes smaller) and makes the whole thing feel more like a dress. Plus the shorts part of the suit is, how shall I put it, quite loose. There is one peril of trying on playsuits that every girl knows about!

Trying this on reminded me of an absolutely gorgeous playsuit that I saw in the window of Maven Boutique on Georges Boutique last week. The romper in question made from ivory silk by New York designer Samantha Pleet and is a bit out of my usual price-range at €280; but with my newly discovered confidence in discovering the right playsuit, I headed over there.

The layers are gorgeous and really unusual, it’s old Hollywood meets Faye Dunaway-glamour meets NYC cool. Amazing. Plus the House of Harlow necklace goes with it perfectly, even the jewellery knows I need it! What’s more, that’s 2 out of 2 or a 100% record in trying on jumpsuits. Niiice. A good day’s window shopping I would say.


Beauty Interview – Irish Independent Online

Wednesday January 20 2010

Laura Whiston, a writer and fashion and style blogger from Dublin shares her make-up routine with us.

Morning routine?

After cleansing and moisturising, it probably takes about 10 -15 minutes to do my make-up depending on where I’m going. Nights out can take twice that time.

First beauty memories?

When I was eight, much to my Mum’s delight, my sister and I decided to make a concoction with her make-up. I think we’d been reading George’s Marvelous Medicine (by Roald Dahl)at the time and needless to say it was a one-off occasion!

First product ?

Not product exactly but my birthday is on Hallowe’en so it was glittery false eyelashes to go with a fancy dress costume, I’m not sure if I still have them.

What’s your top tip?

You can’t go wrong with the basics so I ALWAYS check for the foundation line between your neck and face. I probably got that from Cosmopolitan magazine when I was still in school but it serves you well, I think there are times in a girls life when she can smudge a bit and get away with it but the foundation line is the measure.

Do you go out without make up?

No, not unless it is an absolute emergency, and I don’t mean a ‘bread and milk’ type emergency. No one need ever see me without slap!

In the bag and on the wish-list?

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15  in the bag (EDIT: Lancôme Juicy Tubes lip gloss in Lychee is also in there and something I can’t actually live without in winter) and Creme de la Mer is on the list …

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a product and why did you buy it?

I’ve never really gone too mad, I always used to buy YSL Faux Cils mascara, it was about €25 and it lasts about a month. As good as it is, I always thought it a bit of an overspend seeing as most mascara lasts about 3 months. I’m casting round for a replacement.

Do you tend to go for bargain buys or are you swayed by the adverts?

I’m a consummate shopper, so I never bargain hunt. I’m always convinced that there is some reason why anything is cheap. I can be swayed by the amount of sales a product has made, like the Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara sold over 1 million so I’ll give that a go defo.

Where do you head for a beauty fix?

Harvey Nichols / Debenhams / House of Fraser. Big departments stores mostly. It’s such an assault on the senses.

Is there a trend you would like to see come into fashion?

I wish the whole 60’s Twiggy drawn on lashes trend would come back in for a season. I’d love to give that a go. I like fashion that’s a bit whimsical.

Who’s vanity case would you snoop in?

Christina Aguilera or Dita von Teese – I would love to see just how many (or how few) products it takes to look so pristine.

A big thanks to the utterly fabulous Sinead Van Kampen of for including me!


At last, a Strapless Bra that Does it All

I spent the morning talking all things underwired, or in the case of Wonderbra’s new Ultimate Strapless bra, not. I met the lovely peeps from Wonderbra in the Penthouse at the Morgan Hotel, to find out if this new ‘miracle’ brassiere really delivered. And I’m telling you now… it works. I saw with my very own eyes a model with a D-cup jumping up and down while wearing it and it (nor they) didn’t move an inch.

Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless

As said model was jumping I was taught the technology behind the genius; the underwire has been removed and there are now these hand-shaped polycarbonate inserts inside each cup.

Wonderbra Ultimate strapless hands

They are designed to ensure that you get the great cleavage and lift that we all want from our bras but until now wouldn’t expect from a strapless. Perfectly timed to co-incide with the wedding / racing season, the Ultimate Strapless will be in stores by the end of the month and it comes highly recommended! The seamless bra comes in two colours, ‘nude’ and black, A-E cups (sizes 28-38) and will be priced at €43 from all leading department stores, Clery’s, Debenhams, Brown Thomas as well as independent lingerie boutiques across the county. Everywhere that has the Wonderbra range already has ordered in this fantastic piece.

Shop Once Removed Vintage

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