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Brown Thomas Christmas Windows 2011

Hi All,

Time to open up the first door of your advent calendar!

To celebrate December 1st and the date when it’s OK to feel festive and Christmassy, we’ve gone all dreamy with the ballet inspired Christmas windows in Brown Thomas, Dublin. The only Christmas windows worth looking at in Dublin in my humble opinion. (See 2009 and 2010 here).

Swan Lake

Sleeping Beauty

The Nutcraker

In Mary Katrantzou



Whisty Xx


A, B & C or Arnotts, Buskers & (more) Christmas Windows.

Dublin was chilly and bright today, I walked into town along Baggott Street which is still pretty, even when all the leaves have fallen off the trees and it’s full of businessmen in suits. This, among other things (read on) remind me why I love Dublin. I walked through Temple Bar and stopped to watch some (amazing) buskers. I wouldn’t ever suggest that I am any kind of John Peel type but, I like a good tune and these boys, The Riptide Movement, (they had a sign) are worth a listen. The songs I heard were bluesy, rock, soul and they’re playing The Village December 11th apparently.  So as I listened to their very energetic session I wandered into the jewellery shops and alternative boutiques along Crow and Cope Streets before heading over Ha’penny Bridge. (I bought zilch but wanted lots).

I got all Christmassy after seeing the Brown Thomas Christmas windows earlier in the week and decided that instead of presuming that they were the best Christmas windows, actually go and research it. My destinations were Arnotts and Clery’s, via both Topshops. (I’m dying for the nude, lace strapless corset that also comes in burgundy, can I find it, can I ‘eck). So Arnotts, hmmm, a little on the skimpy side but glitzy and glam none the less. The two windows put aside for the festivities seemed to be more about New Years Eve than Christmas I reckon. The colours were gold and red but all the models were wearing masks and there were disco balls!. I liked the GOLD! feel of it all, the bird cages are particularly pretty,  but why only two windows and why no Santa?

Clery’s next… oh I feel dreadful about what I am about to write but good grief it was like taking the lead in A Christmas Carol when the ghost of Christmas yet-to-come, whisks scrooge (or in this case me) off into the night. I opened my eyes and glanced upon the bleakest most un-Christmas morning ever. I audibly sighed and walked away wondering which of my ways I needed to change to make sure that Christmas never happens to me. I have nothing else to add, you can see for yourself what O’Connell’s flagship department store is offering up for the festive season.

Instead I’ll leave you with a clip from one of the best versions of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. I’m referring to the parody of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, which sees Edmumd Blackadder in the lead role and Baldrick as his employee, the twist being Blackadder is the ‘nicest man in England’… until the first ghost appears anyway. I highly recommend it, though, if the thought of Tony Robinson in a leather thong doesn’t exactly float your boat, I advise caution on the later video parts.

NB: I also love the Disney cartoon Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Growing up in the 80’s meant tedious TV adaptions with wobbly sets, dreadful lighting and acting so hammy you’d only need the stuffing, spuds and sprouts for Christmas dinner. The Disney version gave my 5-year-old mind all the magic of Dicken’s amazing story with the added bonus of Goofy as Jacob Marley. Genius.


Christmas Windows and Charity Shopping Part 1 (of 2).

So after my little excursion to Pleasants Lane and browsing charity shops on Georges Street I took a left towards Brown Thomas. It’s true, I don’t really do happy mediums, I’m all one extreme or the other! Anyway, I wanted to see their Christmas windows (I watched the movie Mannequin quite a bit when I was growing up… this may or may not be an explanation…) I know the display was unveiled a week or so ago and I haven’t seen it properly yet.

So I grabbed the chance to have a look today and I have one word for you, busy. There is so much to look at in each of the front windows that it’s enough to keep you going all through December. Which is how a good Christmas window should be I suppose. Striking enough to impress the out-of-towners, but busy enough that the locals will stay interested. The theme, or what is written on the windows at least, is “I’ll be home for Christmas” which explains the cosy living room scenes and family-heavy scenarios. I did, however, find myself drawn to the oversized pyramids of Ladurée macaroons. (Eat your heart, Ambassador Ferrero Rocher). And Santa’s backside seemed to be causing a bit of a stir too, mainly with  the two toy dogs biting his ankles.

Around the corner, however, the Louis Vuitton window was as over the top as a WAG’s hair extensions. Fabu-lush!

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