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Alice Dellal & Chanel Boy Bags


Happy Friday, I do love a 4 day week…

To take me into the weekend, I’m channelling the latest Chanel ads featuring Alice Dellal. (The only person who really still gets away with having her head shaved at the temple) I love the way the shaved part of her head is decorated on the second image along with that large black bow in her ponytail.

In admiring the style of Alice Dellal and her taste in music, I think she’s a perfect fit for the paired-down chic of the Chanel Boy Bag collection.

One thing about this ad campaign, snapped by Karl Lagerfeld, is that with possible exception of the loose knit white skirt, (image 4) you could pretty much see Alice Dellal wearing all of this stuff. Unlike the cute, Tiara-wearing Lily Allen in the Coco Coccoon ad campaign, the look of these ads; the baroque-style luxurious (hotel?) room, the perfect make-up and pretty hair styling, the heels, are all juxtaposed perfectly with Dellal’s bad-ass personal style. 

The Bags…


Whisty Xx


Brown Thomas Exclusives in the Marvel Room


Not that I need an excuse to post about beautifully crafted designer pieces, but Brown Thomas opened up their Christmas Marvel Room last week.

It’s basically the perfect Christmas wish-list, which I gather is the whole point. All the exclusive and limited edition Alexander McQueen pieces, and Chanel‘s €5,350 gold and silver python bags were pretty beautiful. Prices weren’t all bonkers though YSL and Mcqueen bracelets are €160 and €120-€150 respectively.


Chanel Classic Flap Alligator clutch (Large €25,000; Small €17,800)

Chanel, classic flap sequinned lambskin bags and 1 of only 3 silver python bags, (€5,350).

Chanel, 1 of only 2 gold python skin bags.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, skull print Pashmina (€225)

Alexander McQueen, silk scarf. Exclusive to The Marvel Room at Brown Thomas (294)

Alexander McQueen, silk and cashmere polka-dot skull scarf (€260)

Alexander McQueen, leather bracelets (€130-€150)

Chloé, Gabby grab bag (€2,900)

Lanvin copper metallic cosmetics pouch (€195) & YSL clutch (€595)

There was also a Tiffany & Co. craftsman installed in the room, demonstrating how their beautiful bangles and cuffs (from €490)

Now it’s all about the Christmas windows! Excited to see how they beat last years!

Happy Santa, letter writing!


Whisty Xx


Brown Thomas and the Hermès Kellydoscope Bag

Hey all,

I felt like I was in some weird Alice in Wonderland scenario this morning. Though, as much as I would’ve loved to have had a conversation with a giant caterpillar smoking a hukka, my morning was slightly less surreal. Having not actually drank from a bottle marked ‘drink me’, I still managed to walked into Brown Thomas and be dwarfed by a giant handbag. It ‘s actually a 12ft Hermès Kelly bag and is made exactly to spec, i.e. the same fabric and leather etc, as a regular-size one.

It’s pretty impressive, this is what it looks like from close up…

You can go inside it too… and feel a bit daft coming back out of it; yet again the eagle eyes of security were giving me the once over… Seriously this bag is 12ft tall lads. What’ma gonna do with it!?

Anyway, the bag is there to promote the Marvel Room at Brown Thomas;  a showcase of exclusive pieces that have been created through collaborations with some big fashion brands. YSL, Tom Ford, Chanel, Mulberry and Tiffany have all created one-off gifts that will be on sale in the Marvel Room in the run-up to Christmas. (Christmas for the utterly spoilt I presume… Green eyes Whisty? …Yes.)

Not to be outdone, Hermès have created the ‘So Black’ Kelly bags; a 32″ Kelly and a Kelly Mini Pochette. All the ‘exterior hardware’ on the usual Kelly have been ‘blacked-out with a glossed black finish’. I like it, it looks more elegant this way I think.

It’s no illusion, the bags are in a glass case, but you know if you fancy putting either/or on your list for Santa this year, best to warn him that the price-tag is a little on the gulp-worthy side. The Mini Pochette is €3,100 and the 32″ is €5,720. Oh and if you don’t think a bag could possibly be worth that much money, have a wander down to the Hermès concession over the next three days. Brown Thomas has an Hermès craft-person in-store, (in actual fact, an utterly lovely and très jolie Frenchwoman) who you can watch, making a Kelly bag by hand. The finished bag will be in purple leather, (I saw the individual parts – the handle alone is made up of 5 pieces of leather) and will be on sale in the Marvel Room from Sunday.

The giant Kellydoscope bag will be in store until 14th November.


Style Icon: Vanessa Paradis – French Fancy

Chères Readers,

Two things:

1. Seeing as the weather has returned to cold and has plummeted back down to 3 degrees or something; along with

2. The fact that all flights across the country are grounded and there is no hope of flying off somewhere hot.

I’ve plonked myself next the fire to catch up on some magazine reading. Among other things, French Vogue, L’Officiel etc.. I was reading Teen Vogue. As well as stuff inside (honest), I caught the back cover Ad; the new Chanel Coco Rouge with Vanessa Paradis. I know the ads have been out a while and there really is nothing new to say but it just reminded me of how amazing she is:

Plus it sparked my first ever memory of Chanel. Vanessa Paradis dressed as a bird (of Paradise I presume) on a swing in a birdcage. Pure magic. This ad she did for Coco Chanel perfume is 18 years old! I’m genuinely shocked.  I used to have a copy of this photo on the wall in my bedroom when I was in school.

With cheekbones like that it’s no wonder Chanel are still using her in their ad campaigns. I’ve posted a few more of my fave pics: Chanel:

Pretty Editorial

Positively Fierce Editorial, I absolutely love this photograph.



Spring & Summer wardrobe Inspiration

“The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you…”

I watched The Lovely Bones when it was released earlier in the year, and although I really didn’t enjoy the movie at all, I was gob-smacked at Saoirse Ronan’s performance. It immediately made me think that, because I hadn’t seen anything else she’s done, I was missing out on other great performances. Effectively, it meant that I hadn’t seen Atonement either.

So nearly three years after it’s release I finally watched it on Monday. As I suspected I was utterly captivated by Saoirse’s performance and not only that, but the film itself is gorgeous. The country house setting, the humid summer weather, the incredibly posh accents, (including Saoirse’s) the vintage cars, the romanticism of war and the incredible costumes are all served so beautifully by director Joe Wright.

I had no idea what the storyline is before I watched it and so got to experience the, all-too-uncommon cinematic magic of watching it all its twists and turns unfold naturally. (Though, sometimes, if you’re prone to a bit of a blub, you instinctively know with some films that tears are never far away!).

Jacqueline Durran was nominated for an Oscar in 2008 for Best Achievement in Costume Design for the film. I think it is safe to say that Keira Knightley’s character Cecilia has the best wardrobe I’ve ever seen in a movie. It is what I will mostly be craving / channelling it this spring and summer. The feminine floaty, sheer loveliness of it for summer and the beautifully tailored, structured parts of it for spring. I will, however, sadly only dreaming about channelling the Chanel Joaillerie that Keira’s character wears in the movie.



The beautiful (and unobtainable) Chanel Jewellery.

Jewellery images via: The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes. Atonement images via: and google.


Clipitty Clog.

As far as new season trends go, I invariably rejoice at the versatility and imagination of the designer collections. Picturing myself in high street versions as soon as Penny’s (Primark) or Topshop can get the looks in store. I will however admit, that much like a newly-released pop-song, there is always one trend that starts as a ‘grower’. This year, it was the clog. Chanel’s country-philic SS10 rtw show was the final catalyst, moving the humble surgeons shoe away from operating theatres (and Dutch windmills – see below) and into the 2010 fashion-conscience.

Personally, I am hoping that I’m not as shallow as to warm to the frankly clunky, clog, only after seeing Alexa Chung in a pair for the latest UK Vogue cover. In fact it’s probably a culmination of seeing the shoe there as well as on numerous pages inside the monthly glossies, that’s made the shoe more appealing. I.e. in the true sense of the ‘grower’ pop-song, the more you hear it the more you like it; the more I seen the clog, the more I like it. I’ve decided, after rekindling my love for the heel in general last weekend, that I shall probably indulge in a pair and probably one of these styles:

I say one of these styles, what I mean is one of the non-designer versions. Both the Miss Selfridge / Topshop ones are great, the Jeffrey Campbell’s look nearly exactly like the Chanel ones and thus I’m craving them. Then there’s the Hobbs ones that look like they would be great for running around the city in. I shall have to wait and see which I can get my fickle fashion fingers on! Clockwise from bottom left: Lottie clog mules £65 Topshop; Charlie clog, €95 Jeffrey Campbell; Slingback clog, £75, NW3 Wydles fringed clog, £119 Hobbs; Purple leather clog, £270 Christian Dior; Tassel mule, Alexander Wang; Slip on Clog £460, Yves Saint Laurent; Bow sandal clog, €70 Miss Selfridge; Centre image, Chanel SS1o runway, via

I’m sorry to say that clogs always remind me of this adorable children’s song too. (Written by Dicks & Rudge)


A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam
A windmill with a mouse in and he wasn’t grousin’
He sang every morning, “How lucky I am,
Living in a windmill in old Amsterdam!”

I saw a mouse!
There on the stair!
Where on the stair?
Right there!
A little mouse with clogs on
Well I declare!
Going clip-clippety-clop on the stair
Oh yeah

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