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A Style Post: Heart Print Shirts & Leather Skirts

Hi All! 🙂

I bought a Burberry-inspired, heart print shirt. The trend exploded at the end of the summer, when everyone from Harry Styles to Clare Danes was wearing a version. I didn’t buy a designer one, mine’s from Topshop. I have a soft spot for a good shirt, and I’ve worn this one so much it has started piling. 😦 Sad times. It hasn’t stopped me wearing it, I went for a walk around central London on Sunday; I adore the City, Fleet Street and all around St. Paul’s on Sundays, it’s almost eerily quiet, most pubs are closed and there are very few people about.

It means you can wander around looking up at the architecture with a far smaller chance of bumping into an off-duty lawyer or banker, or stepping out in front of a taxi. It also means you can walk along from street to street and discover things you would normally miss on a busy week-day. Just off Fleet Street is a small alleyway, which leads to Temple Church.blogger street style london midi leather skirt heels heart print (6)

Hanging with my ‘Plus 1’… No better dressed man than one with a briefcase and a cane…blogger street style london midi leather skirt heels heart print (3)     blogger street style london midi leather skirt heels heart print (4)

blogger street style london midi leather skirt heels heart print (7)The skirt (vintage) is made of the softest leather and is incredibly warm, the Shirt (Topshop) and shoes (Miss Selfridge) were both seen-online-must-have-them-now, High Street buys. I love mixing high street fashion with vintage pieces. This leather bowling bag (M&S) is a little pop of colour and the gold buckles on the shoes (there are a lot of them) mirror the gold watch (ASOS) and vintage gold chain aceesories.

Oh and this is what I was looking up at…Temple Church London Outside Round Tower (1)

Temple Church London Outside Round Tower (2)Yours, Whisty Xx


New Year / New Start / Old Habits Die Hard

Hello All,

Happy 2013. I hope this one is going to be a better one. 2012 was a bit of a struggle in my world.

As a writer, blogger, columnist, with a fairly low profile, (i.e. I’m not on the TV/front pages etc…) I have to work double hard to make a living from doing what I do best. At least, it’s what I think I do best; because other than dreams of running off with a rock star when I was in sixth form, there’s no other way I’ve ever imagined spending my life, than writing.

I have a genuine passion for creating copy and on top of that, I’m lucky enough to enjoy the subjects I write about; those being property, fashion and travel. I was first published in a local paper in 2006. It was a story about a local man who had opened an exhibition of his photographic work in New York. I wasn’t paid for the piece, nonetheless, I was over the moon; my mum was so proud that she still has the original cutting framed and up in the office at home. A few (long) months later, after much searching, I landed a job in a small publishing house, writing property and lifestyle/fashion features for magazines.

That was 6 and a half years ago… since then I started my blog, was made redundant and began writing as a freelance journalist. I utterly love the writing part of my job; sometimes I can’t actually believe that it’s what I do, and that it makes me happy. The happiness swiftly fades when I look at my bank balance though; the truth is I’m often approached to do a heck of a lot of writing for nothing, or next to nothing.

Writing for Free

Writing for Free

As my flatmate often jokes, “There are children in third-world sweatshops, making trainers that get paid more than you”… I presume (pray) that this isn’t true, but if I actually worked out how much money I get for the hours I spend working on copy for other people, I may actually be inclined to agree with him.

For every comment I’ve had published, for every photography session I’ve set up, for every submitted interview and photoshopped ‘outfit collage’ I’ve created, for each time I’ve sat up until 3am, stressed and working to a deadline for an editor who couldn’t care less whether or not my copy comes in, for every time I’ve been asked to come up with something by tomorrow because I’ll do it for free, (and if I have agreed to it, for every time that work hasn’t actually been published anyway), for every time I’ve helped out a PR agency with the promise of a ‘thanks’ that I am still waiting for, for every time I have walked miles for the sake of a commissioned article because I can’t afford the travel expenses, more fool me if I’ve done it for free…

… Or for the promise of raising my profile and increasing the visitors, WordPress allows me to see exactly where visitors come here from, and it isn’t from any of the unpaid/low-paid writing I’ve done. (around 90% of visitors get here because of my own work)… see below:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Views: 2,453

Referrers: i.e. where visitors have come from:

Blog Stats Wed Jan 16th 2013

i.e. of the 2,453 visitors to my blog, 2,162 (88%) came from google/bing/yahoo etc… (NB: ‘Whisty’ resulted in two visits to my blog from web searches)

The truth is that working for less than you deserve gives you nothing but a lack of respect and a lack of disregard, it won’t raise your profile, (though it may add to your CV should you have no experience).

It transpires then, that working hard and being nice to people won’t get you on your way to doing what you love for a living. Only shameless self promotion will get you anywhere. I know I’m not the brash, obnoxious wannabe I’ve met so many times in the fashion game; (often full of delusional self belief and lacking in talent and integrity) – when working at a magazine, I was unfortunate enough to have submitted to me, a fashion feature, by a future TV personality. Alas the copy was never published as it was in fact copied, direct from – Yet after years of working 12 hour days, creating original (and published content), I am still struggling to live my dream, yet said plagiarist is very much living theirs.

So do I blame the people doing the hiring? Hell no. People under pressure will take the easiest route. Why spend effort looking for talent, when you have a willing and flirtatious wannabe with an open mouth, ready to convince you that they are just what you need instead? Why search through all the applicants to find a slightly shy, yet outstanding applicant, when you can have your ego massaged by listening to sycophantic compliments? Better still, how can you refuse your boss/golf partners/neighbours’ kids? Ah nepotism, my old enemy.

Does hiring the person who stamps his feet the hardest make for a better end product and a more enjoyable working environment? Possibly?

Is it really about being pushy or having the right relatives, or does luck play a part? Possibly; some of the most incredible writers are published every day, they can’t all have daddy’s pals in their pocket can they?

So should I blame myself then? I have quiet confidence in my ability, so why then do I continue to work for less than I should, somehow contradicting that self belief. I was speaking to a fellow writer/blogger recently, she said it succinctly “I no longer work for free”. But she said it with such confidence I was taken aback. I was inspired, I wanted to stand up and say, “me neither!!” Except I didn’t, couldn’t.

Maybe if I picked a new years resolution it would be to brush up on my pushiness skills, develop my self belief, learn to swallow my pride or just say no to working for free…

They’re all tough resolutions to stick by, but apparently the best things don’t actually come easy…

Happy 2013,


Whisty Xx


Ossie Clarke 2013 Spring Summer Preview

Hey All,

Debenhams announced its latest fashion designer collaboration at the beginning of November, along with it, two images. Both maxi dresses, one floral the other monochrome stripes. The new collaboration is with Ossie Clark, the brand. Now owned by Alison Mansell Ltd Ossie Clark has St. Martins Collage of art graduate, Nicholas Georgiou, is at the design helm – Ossie Clark the man, was tragically murdered in London in 1996.

Ossie Clark Whisty

Ossie Clark and his wife Celia Birtwell defined the King’s Road style in the late 1960’s. Together they pushed the boundaries of fashion and print-styles and created ethereal, flowing collections that epitomised the psychedelic era.

ossie clark celia birtwell catImage via google

His story is summed up in the words of a fellow blogger at

“In the late 1960s, Clark hit a rich vein for his flamboyant clothing range. The fashion press dubbed Ossie “The King Of King’s Road”. Clark pronounced himself a “master cutter. It’s all in my brain and fingers and there’s no-one in the world to touch me. I can do everything myself.” Clark’s great idol was the famous dancer Vaslav Nijinsky and his love of dance inspired his clothes to be free moving and not to restrict the female form. This style of dressing became quite popular in the 1970s thanks in large part to the popularity of Clark’s clothing. Ossie Clark is well known for his use of muted colours and moss crepe fabric. He also designed shoes, paper dresses, and snakeskin jackets.”

Ossie Clark Whisty 2

So really, I reckon it’s not so much a Debenhams collaboration with Ossie Clark, it’s a Debenhams collaboration with his name. Still I was excited to see the collection, hoping to find reproductions of the dresses that so many women have adored over the last half century. There were just four pieces from the 95-piece collection there:

Ossie Clarke Debenhams Whisty twitter

Ossie Clark Blue Psychedelic Trousers Whisty 2

I was hoping for more floor-grazing, dramatic, fashion pieces. As I left I was given a brochure which included an image of this dress…

ossie clark debenhams 2013Longer, yes, what I dreamed of? I dunno. But with 90 stylish pieces still to view I can’t call it. The print on those trousers is pretty fabulous, and will definitely fit in with the rest of my wardrobe.


Whisty Xx


New Look spring/summer fashion 2013 preview

Hey All,

I’m sitting here covered in green clothing dye having failed to save a 50’s ball gown from the perils of mildew stains… 😦 Oh Vintage, you contrary vixen. As wonderful as vintage is, I do sometimes wonder why I, we, don’t just buy on the high street; it’s so much simpler.

Anyway, last week I went to the New Look SS’13 preview… Here are a few of the stand out pieces, check the lattice work / cut out leather bags, the pretty pale salmon shift, peplum dresses, hiiiiigh heels and stunning summer wedges. New Look manages to grasp the trends and styles of the current designer fashion trends and give it a unique wearable edge, by interpretation rather than simply copying what’s going on, on the runway.

New Look SS'13 Details Whisty

Perfect pastel fashionNew Look SS'13 whisty 2

New Look SS'13 Shift Dress

New Look SS'13 salmon shift peplumn dress whisty

New Look SS13 Pale Neon pastels whisty twitter

New Look SS13 Quilted Studded Baroque Suit

New Look SS'13 Latice cut out leather bag whisty

New Look SS13 Accessories & Lion Swimming Costume Whisty

New Look SS'13 whisty

New Look SS'13 Beaded Crepe shorts pale blue whisty

New Look SS'13 Pop Art Bags Whisty


Whisty Xx


Warehouse SS’13 Collection Round Up

Hey all,

So it’s time once again to dream about next season and decide which pieces and trends are going on our wish list over the next couple of months.

I posted a couple of weeks ago about how surreal it is to look at next season’s trends while we’re still buying our favourite ‘now’ pieces. There is something exciting about sneaking a peek at the future of fashion; spring/summer previews make us happy while we’re thinking about spending warm evenings and sunny days in short sleeves and high heels. While autumn/winter makes us think of sparkling dresses at festive parties and luxurious layers for cold clear days…

And so it was to Warehouse I went this week; the collection was brimming with brilliant white lace, bold monochrome stripes and unique must-have pieces

Must Haves…

60’s-Inspired Backless Dress

Leopard Print


White Lace

The Finer Details

Accessories: Luscious Clutches…

Ostrich Leather

Mock Croc

The Leather Envelope

Clear Blue


Whisty Xx


London’s Liberty arrives @ Arnotts Dublin

Hello all,

Carnaby Street in the city’s West End epitomised London’s swinging sixties; it was an exciting mix of independent clothing shops and boutiques, including Mary Quant and the infamous I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet, a shop selling vintage and ex-issue military clothing. Formerly of Portobello Road, the shop helped popularised the wearing of ex-military clothing as fashion pieces. ‘They’ say Jimi Hendrix bought this Royal Hussars jacket at the shop… along with another jacket that according to this website, he was ordered to remove by a group of policemen, as it was disrespectful to its previous wearers(!).

Its not just fashion that made the street so notorious; the musical connections to Carnaby Street are endless; The Kinks, The Stones, Paul Weller and The Who, have all been photographed there – often by Philip Townsend.

Images via

More recently Liam Gallagher opened a Pretty Green store there, and The Stones have made a spiritual return this month opening a pop up store to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It’s basically a Rolling Stones Carnaby Street Christmas, the street’s arches have been decorated with Sir Mick’s red lips, and Stones-emblazoned gold discs have replaced more traditional festive baubles… The group also has its own store on the street, selling everything from Stones-inspired fashoin to posters and other pop memorabilia.

At one end of Carnaby Street is a rather spectacular Tudor Revival department store (c. 1920), which was purpose built, (from the timbers of two ships) as the home of Liberty‘s London.

image via

Liberty is famous for producing fine printed fabrics, from satin to silk crepe de chine, wool to cotton jersey. Incidentally it was its archive of Art Nouveau designs that enjoyed popularity in the 1960’s when the trend resurfaced. As a child, I remember having adorable dresses made for me from Liberty fabrics. I also remember visiting the store, it is incredible. With its rows upon rows of ribbons and yarn, fabrics and buttons; dark wooden floors, shiny old lifts and painted ceilings. The best view is from the wooden balcony on each floor, which allowing you to view the whole store from floor to ceiling.

So a little touch of that Tudor-inspired London fashion has popped up in Arnotts this week.

Liberty @Arnotts

Here are a few pieces available…

(Dear Santa!)

Embossed Leather stationery, purses, wallets and ipad cases

A lavender bag


Fabric covered stationery…

Rather nicely, Liberty‘s founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty was born in 1843, the same year that Arnotts was established.


Whisty Xx

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