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A Style Post: Pink Jeans and Leopard Print

Hello all,

As if you’re inside reading right now! Brightly coloured jeans are what summer is about. I like a slash of colour in an outfit but I usually leave it to just the one piece. However, having received my baroque / polka dot print shirt from Sheinside… (new love for on line shopping) I bit the bullet and went for all over colour.

As many of you know, I grew up in London, when i moved to Dublin five years ago, the first thing I noticed about Irish fashion was the vast colour pallette. Ok so in Dublin we still love an LBD or a classic black wool winter coat, but just walking down Dame Street there is so much colour. It took me a while to brave the colour myself, I was  happy to style-watch wearing the odd pop of blue or green. Now I feel brave enough, and what better place to show off my newly-colourised wardrobe, than my old home town?

Oddly, I hadn’t realised that I’d completely accessorized with black, ah well you can’t change everything all at once.

Baroque & Polka Dot Shirt,

Belt, Vintage

Pink Jeans,  Dr. Denim @ BT2

Black Stilettos, Penneys / Primark

Leather Jacket, Topshop


Whisty Xx

P.S Recognise any of the details in these photos…?

Banksy? Seen Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrells…? If you ever get the chance, taking a stroll around London Bridge to Borough Market and beyond is an amazing way to spend an afternoon.



A Style Post: Mods, Rockers & Mermaid Trousers


Or are you Rockers? Ok so sequin leggings – or rather mermaid trousers as some dude shouted at me as I stumbled over the pebbles to get this shot – are hardly rock-chick, not even rock-chic… but while in Brighton!? 🙂 My trusty old leather jacket and thick black shades at least nod to the rocker style. Not sure how the Lita boots would fair in a mosh-pit or on the back of a Harley tho… Ah who’s really gonna check? It’s al about rocker fashion elements anyway, and as we all know I’m more of a Mod at heart anyway…

Whatever your camp, Mods or Rockers or just sitting on-the-fence with the Rolling Stones, you can’t deny both sub-cultures are hard to beat when it comes to cult fashion.


Whisty Xx


A Style Post: Mods, Rockers & Mermaid Trousers

Ahoy there!

Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mod.

Being a Mod at heart,with a penchant for biker-style leather, there was only one option for what I’d wear for a day trip to Brighton last weekend. I’d have to go with two outfits. A Fred Perry jumper and a Topshop leather biker jacket.

Trouser-wise, that was a no-brainer; a pair of royal blue, shiny, sparkly skin-tight leggings – which were, to my delight, renamed mermaid trousers by a fabulously fierce fellow outside an ‘adult store’. I’ll go with that, mermaid trousers, at the  seaside  is too perfect.

Are you Mods…

Jumper, Fred Perry

Chain, Bag & Disco Pants, ORVintage

Lita-Style Boots, Korkys

To Be Continued tomorrow…

Yours, Whisty Xx


Galibardy Jewellery Post


It’s turning out to be quite a January.

People never fail to surprise me.

Anyway, on a fashion note I clicked through from the Facebook page I had ‘liked’, to Yeah, I was hooked straight away – here are a few of my favourite things.

New for  2012… Animal Magic, brass and enamel rings.

The large brass skeleton hand bangle was mine for the taking (technically it was mine for the buying, but at £25…).


Whisty Xx


A Style Post – New season fashion colours


It’s time for a new palette, these are the new season shades.

Right now, it’s all rich shades of pale green and blue – seafoam, mintgreen, and icy sapphire, mixed with navy blue and white, highlighted with warm pale pinks and brilliant gold. Now how to put all those together in one outfit?

I think I managed every new season shade apart from navy-blue, not a bad shot at spring/summer 2012 fashion trends right? I really like mashing up feminine styling, with something a little more edgy. The colour of this skirt is such a key shade for this spring/summer and the maroon and pink accessories are a great way to balance out the pretty white lace cardigan.

Cardigan (worn back-to-front), Warehouse

Skirt, Penneys / Primark

Heeled Loafers, New Look

Gold Chain, ORVintage


Whisty Xx


A Style Post: Cavemen knew best

Hello All,

Apart from exclaiming, ‘Oh Holy **** it’s cold!’ I haven’t really got much to report today. I’ve looked out at winter, while curled up on the couch, under a blanket, writing all afternoon.

Dressing for cold weather has been a slow learning curve for me, but I’ve finally realised that to keep warm in Winter, I’ve got to go with natural fabrics. Fur, leather and wool being top of the list. I swear I’m reverting to the closet of the Cave-woman,  One Million Years BC, with heels.

Fur Jacket, Leather Shorts, Bucket Bag, all ORVintage

Cashmere Polo Neck, M&S

Necklace, Tiffany & Co.

Boots, Schuh


Whisty Xx

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