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Penney’s v’s Christian Louboutin: The Bandage Boot.

Left, Christian Louboutin, right Penney’s (Primark).

I forgot to mention yesterday, what with all the talk of new hair, I got new boots too. I fell in love with the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage boots when I saw them, (especially the blue suede ones with black leather straps). It seems that Penney’s (Primark) have come to my rescue. They have cheekily done their own version, not in leather and suede for over €1000, but in (ahem) faux suede and elastic for €21. Ah, I’d be mad no to for that price, they’ll hopefully last the season, though stupidly I got the grey ones. They also come in black which would have been a more sensible choice but pah! I like ’em and I don’t get why people get so uppity about high street ‘versions’. Who are people kidding when they say it puts designers out of business? If I could even remotely afford the Christian Louboutin originals I’m afraid it would be adios Penney’s and I’d wager that would be the attitude of most women. (wow, what a well rounded argument Whisty). Happy pre-christmas bargain hunting peeps!


More Purple Deliciousness.

Purple is my colour of the moment. It was all over the AW09 fashion shows and I went a bit of a mission looking for some purple pieces earlier in the week. I came across this purple floral number in AWear. I actually think it has about 3 shades of purple in total and I love that it is in-between the tulip and lantern shapes. At 20 yoyo’s it’s also a bit if a bargain.

After my last 2 what I wear posts being pretty and feminine and this skirt reflecting the same style I decided to create a look that was a bit more edgy. I wore it with these Henry Holland Mock-Stockings, some driving gloves and a high-neck short-sleeved jumper.

(Yeah them boots again, you’d think I only had one pair of footwear…) Next post they will be no-where to be seen.  More pics here at Her Apparel.


Plum Stuff. AW09 Colour Trend

Since seeing the D&G AW09 collection earlier in the year, the colour purple has been playing on my mind. Rich jewel colours are in practically every shop on the high street in some form or another; from ruby reds to deep navy blue and emerald greens. But is the rich purples that are screaming festive season at me. I have a DIT graduation to go to on Saturday and a winter wedding the week before Christmas, I was determined to pick up a purple dress to wear to both. Imagine my utter delight then, when in the window of River Island I saw this divoon dress. (pic doesn’t do it too much justice)

I dashed inside, fingers crossed that the dress wouldn’t be as expensive as I had a sinking feeling it would be. My hopes were dashed, it was €84, I was bit gutted really, I had found a dress that matched exactly what I was looking for. I mean even the shapes are similar to the D&G one, and check out the curtain tie-back belt. Anyway, I guess the sales assistant saw my down-trodden mush and told me that there was another dress nearly the exact same for €30 and did I want to see it? Let me hear a hell yeah.

Apparently, she told me, River Island do this thing call a “Star Buy” where a particular item of clothing is reduced down (in this case by about €47) for a short period of time. So providing that they had my size, lady luck was at least looking in my direction. The cheapo version was only very slightly different from is pricey sister; no spider brooch, no tie-back belt (yay) and no frilly neckline. I grabbed my size and I now have a super duper dress for graduation on sat and chilly nuptials in December! I tried it on with a vintage hat and some leopard print tights.

I’ll wear shoes at the wedding, not my old faithfuls! I also attached a tiny gold leopard brooch to a faux fur stole to give the look a bit more vintage glam. More pics here on Her Apparel.

D&G runway images courtesy of


Stellar Mag Pics

A few weeks ago I posted about a shoot me and some other fashion bloggers had the privilege to take part in, for Stellar mag. The issue came out last week and here are the final pics!


Don’t mess with my Tutu

What I Wear November 11th d

I went to Dundrum on Tuesday and attacked A|wear with fervour previously unseen on a damp Tuesday in D16. The whole place was full of screaming children and harassed mums (and nannies obv.), the last thing these ladies were able to do was shop for new clothes. So I had all the choice and all the changing room space I needed to try on as much as possible. Trés bien!

I’ve never understand why women go shopping in twos; When I say shopping I mean the ‘sport’ of shopping. The trawling of shops for amazing pieces and utter bargains without a clue what you want, especially when you don’t even need anything in the first place. Plus, in my case anyway, I always take as many pieces as possible into the changing room. Most of the time I have to give the changing-room assistant 6 pieces and bring 6 more in with me. Then spend the whole time running in and out of the changing room in my socks at intervals to swap pieces with her that I want to try. It’s incredibly annoying, and is it really anything to do with thievery? I mean most stores have the little plastic alarm tags on them. It must just be because they don’t want half the stock in the changing rooms rather than out on the shop floor.

Anyway I digress, I always shop alone, I never know what it is I’m going to buy and the thought of dragging someone along from shop to shop while I decide is just awful. I understand the fun of group shopping for a special occasion; like why a bride-to-be would want someone there to help her choose her dress, or going out in a gang to pick a Debs dress but shopping is a solitary pastime for me. Like reading. There are just too many things in too many shops waiting for me to find them and I don’t want to miss out on something just because the person I’m shopping with wants to have a coffee break. Plus it’s always an hour before the shops close and the opportunity to buy an amazing pair of shoes, or a jacket that will suit me forever, is gone for good. Plus I’d sooner grab a glass of vino après shopping surrounded by bags of lovely goodies!

So with myself for company I went off to Dundrum, I hadn’t been there for ages and I love the LUAS journey, so I was looking forward to it. I tried on a few pieces in Penney’s (Primark) from the Limited Collection … oh dear no. It all looked dreadful on me and N.B. the sizes are way off compared to the rest of the stuff in there. If you do decide to try some of it on, grab some bigger sizes when you do. I went to H&M, but all I kept thinking about was the amount of cash I was hoping to spend in there tomorrow on Jimmy Choos so that was a complete distraction. I skipped River Island and Harvey Nics; had a look through Urban Outfitters but as I said it was in A|wear that I spent my dough. I bought two skirts, a lace dress and a huge black-stone cocktail ring. I fell instantly in love with this mink-coloured tiered net skirt with satin waistband. It kind of reminds me of a mini version of the dress that Carrie wore in SATC and American Girl in Paris. SATC Carrie

This version is way more wearable though, I teamed it with a lamé top Dorothy Perkins, a multi-chain necklace, Penney’s / Primark and tied up one side of the skirt with a Grosgrain ribbon. More pics here on Her Apparel.

What I Wear November 11th f


October Round Up

This post is going to be a bit of a round up on all October goings-on that I have yet to blog about, my birthday is on Halloween so I have been a little busy over the last couple of days as you can imagine. A post to serve as a nod to all things missed.

Dublin Marathon 1

Firstly, this time last week, I had just returned from celebrating the fact that a very good friend of mine had completed the Dublin marathon; his first ever. He completed it in 3hrs 50mins which I thought was amazing and he thought was a bit disappointing really. Anyway, the weather was just incredible on the day; before I left I pulled on my faux-fur gillet, a hoodie and some walking boots to walk up to the route. It was an absolute pleasure heading out at 10:45 to watch him going past and cheer him on. (More pics here)

What I Wore Bank Holiday

I also wore a woolly hat that I bought when I was in Quicksilver the week before. I can’t actually remember the last time I wore a ‘bobble’ hat. I think I must have been about 6 and probably had mittens tied together with string through the arms of my coat as well. To tell you the truth I am in love with the hat, it is so comfy and warm, in the last 8 days I have worn nearly every day.

Trees and Leaves on Kildare Street

Secondly, I grabbed a bus into town after my friend had passed the 16 mile stage to catch him at the finish line. The city centre was alive with runners, supporters and people just passing by watching the marathon so the atmosphere was fantastic. There were not only supporters everywhere but also fallen leaves, I took a few snaps.

Schuh Boots Belts

Lastly, the boots I bought from Schuh, that I have been wearing non-stop for the last two months very nearly broke my heart. They have two buckles on each foot that fasten two leather straps around and over the laces. I was in a bit of a rush last Thursday and dashed out of the house without properly fastening the top straps. Needless to say, I lost one. I was pretty upset, as I said I wear them all the time, but I had a cunning plan which would serve to appease my upset. I took off the remaining strap from the other boot and replaced both straps with belts. I love them!

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