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August Metro Fashion Column – AW2013 Trend Agenda

Hi all,

Whisty Fashin Column Aug 2013 Header

Here’s August’s Metro Fashion Blogger column.

Twice a year fashion writers jump over themselves to write about the new season collections and trends. Me included. Every august, post summer sale-fervour, the time comes to study the Autumn/Winter trends. I always find myself thinking it’s just too early; surely we still have weeks of sunshine left, in which to enjoy our summer wardrobe? Then I find myself fidgeting in pastel chiffon dresses, craving cosy wool layering and edgy winter separates.

Happily, the top three A/W’13 trends in the new season’s Trend Agenda are transitional; allowing you to hint that you’ve been studying the catwalk, rather than boast. No one likes a know-it-all. Adding one of these key A/W trends to your late-summer wardrobe will refresh your look; rather than give it an ‘I-got-it-before-you’ (zzzzzzzzzz) arrogance.

Pink Coats; a huge trend seen at Céline, Jonathan Saunders and Simone Rocha, are a buy now wear now A/W’13 trend. Pink coats came in dozens of shapes; overcoat, Crombie, cocoon and tailored; this trend is all about the shade. Pale, rose, frosted and dusky made up the palette of pink at shows last February. This Penneys/Primark Crombie-style coat (Pictured €40) sets off the pretty shade with masculine tailoring.

High-Shine Shoes; patent leather was seen on the feet of models in collections from Christopher Kane to Prada to Chanel. Black high-shine is here in a big way. These patent leather loafers from Pied a Terre (pictured available at Arnotts, €175) combine high-shine with classic loafers – flats (anything but ballet) are high on the A/W12 trend agenda – see Michael Kors, Boss and Louis Vuitton.

Leather Skirts; This season the leather skirt is either full-on voluminous or sleek and tight, but always comes past the knee. Calvin Klein and Prada – in bright red – created glorious full skirts while Simone Rocha created the pencil skirt in super high-shine. This is a leather take on the Hitchcockian screen siren; cinch in waists or team with oversize sweaters. Fran and Jane’s silver leather pencil skirt (pictured €119) gets it right.

I’m ready. Bring on the new season… just bit by bit.

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London’s Liberty arrives @ Arnotts Dublin

Hello all,

Carnaby Street in the city’s West End epitomised London’s swinging sixties; it was an exciting mix of independent clothing shops and boutiques, including Mary Quant and the infamous I Was Lord Kitchener’s Valet, a shop selling vintage and ex-issue military clothing. Formerly of Portobello Road, the shop helped popularised the wearing of ex-military clothing as fashion pieces. ‘They’ say Jimi Hendrix bought this Royal Hussars jacket at the shop… along with another jacket that according to this website, he was ordered to remove by a group of policemen, as it was disrespectful to its previous wearers(!).

Its not just fashion that made the street so notorious; the musical connections to Carnaby Street are endless; The Kinks, The Stones, Paul Weller and The Who, have all been photographed there – often by Philip Townsend.

Images via

More recently Liam Gallagher opened a Pretty Green store there, and The Stones have made a spiritual return this month opening a pop up store to celebrate their 50th anniversary. It’s basically a Rolling Stones Carnaby Street Christmas, the street’s arches have been decorated with Sir Mick’s red lips, and Stones-emblazoned gold discs have replaced more traditional festive baubles… The group also has its own store on the street, selling everything from Stones-inspired fashoin to posters and other pop memorabilia.

At one end of Carnaby Street is a rather spectacular Tudor Revival department store (c. 1920), which was purpose built, (from the timbers of two ships) as the home of Liberty‘s London.

image via

Liberty is famous for producing fine printed fabrics, from satin to silk crepe de chine, wool to cotton jersey. Incidentally it was its archive of Art Nouveau designs that enjoyed popularity in the 1960’s when the trend resurfaced. As a child, I remember having adorable dresses made for me from Liberty fabrics. I also remember visiting the store, it is incredible. With its rows upon rows of ribbons and yarn, fabrics and buttons; dark wooden floors, shiny old lifts and painted ceilings. The best view is from the wooden balcony on each floor, which allowing you to view the whole store from floor to ceiling.

So a little touch of that Tudor-inspired London fashion has popped up in Arnotts this week.

Liberty @Arnotts

Here are a few pieces available…

(Dear Santa!)

Embossed Leather stationery, purses, wallets and ipad cases

A lavender bag


Fabric covered stationery…

Rather nicely, Liberty‘s founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty was born in 1843, the same year that Arnotts was established.


Whisty Xx


Christmas Windows – The Big Blogging Week – post #4 of 6

Hey All,

Firstly, I have to admit that sales give me the heebie-jeebies. The thought of all those sad, ripped, make-up-stained, weird-coloured clothes, hanging limply on stock-room rails, makes me shudder. January, makes me never want to  shop again.  Today, however, I was completely suckered into the Debenhams pre-Christmas sale. (up to 25% off everything between now and Sunday). Everything in this sale is still on proper rails, nothing is stained and all the sizes are there. The only thing that suggests that there is a sale, are smallish tags showing 20%, 25% etc. off, hanging above everything.

I’m a total sucker for heels and to cut a long story short. I bought these:

Butterfly by Matthew Williamson €54 now €43.20 I don’t usually go for satin (?) shoes but I quite liked the vintage-70;s feel of the grosgrain detailing.

I actually originally went into town to look at all the Christmas windows. I know there’s already been a bit of coverage on the mythical Brown Thomas windows but I thought it’s only fair to do all three Irish department store in Dublin. I did the same last year, this year I’m going to leave it up to you to decide what you think about them all.

Brown Thomas

Clery & Co.


I recognise that dressHayworth Vintage included in the Christmas window. Props.




Vintage goes mainstream

Hey All,

Happy Monday.

I’m not sure if it was because board games were boring; we had a bizarre sense of enjoyment or it was simply because we weren’t allowed to watch Grange Hill, but while my sister and I were growing up, our favourite game, by a million miles, was dressing up. We actually had a ‘dressing up box’ which was a big trunk filled with an amazing collection of my Gran’s old clothes, a lot of dodgy 70’s & 80’s stuff, random bridesmaids dresses and fancy dress costumes. Shoes, hats, bags, gloves, scarves, cravats, you name it, we had it in our dressing-up box.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the dressing-up box,  but I still can’t resist the urge to try stuff on that will quite obviously serve no purpose in my day-to-day life. If you are a regular reader here, you’ll know that I like old clothes for a hundred reason’s (most of them pretty obvious). One particular reason I like it so much is because it causes a bit of a divide. Some people just don’t like it, they complain about the way it smells or that someone else has worn it, or that vintage shops are crowded and dark. The reasons go on, none of which I agree with of course.

If anyone says this to me in future however, rather than argue the point, I have the following sentence to use in retort:

“Go and visit Hayworth Vintage in Arnotts, and come back to me with those thoughts”.

I was talking to a friend of a friend who was wearing an amazing vintage fur coat last week. When I hinted gushed that I loved it, she told me about the concession in Arnotts. I was over the top excited to go and have a look around, so I did, last Friday and this is what I saw.


So I tried a couple on. They were reduced from €180 to around €120.

This one was definitely my favourite,  I felt like an extra in Cry Baby.

P.S. Hayworth Vintage are celebrating their 2nd birthday by offering a 10% discount for the month of October,



A, B & C or Arnotts, Buskers & (more) Christmas Windows.

Dublin was chilly and bright today, I walked into town along Baggott Street which is still pretty, even when all the leaves have fallen off the trees and it’s full of businessmen in suits. This, among other things (read on) remind me why I love Dublin. I walked through Temple Bar and stopped to watch some (amazing) buskers. I wouldn’t ever suggest that I am any kind of John Peel type but, I like a good tune and these boys, The Riptide Movement, (they had a sign) are worth a listen. The songs I heard were bluesy, rock, soul and they’re playing The Village December 11th apparently.  So as I listened to their very energetic session I wandered into the jewellery shops and alternative boutiques along Crow and Cope Streets before heading over Ha’penny Bridge. (I bought zilch but wanted lots).

I got all Christmassy after seeing the Brown Thomas Christmas windows earlier in the week and decided that instead of presuming that they were the best Christmas windows, actually go and research it. My destinations were Arnotts and Clery’s, via both Topshops. (I’m dying for the nude, lace strapless corset that also comes in burgundy, can I find it, can I ‘eck). So Arnotts, hmmm, a little on the skimpy side but glitzy and glam none the less. The two windows put aside for the festivities seemed to be more about New Years Eve than Christmas I reckon. The colours were gold and red but all the models were wearing masks and there were disco balls!. I liked the GOLD! feel of it all, the bird cages are particularly pretty,  but why only two windows and why no Santa?

Clery’s next… oh I feel dreadful about what I am about to write but good grief it was like taking the lead in A Christmas Carol when the ghost of Christmas yet-to-come, whisks scrooge (or in this case me) off into the night. I opened my eyes and glanced upon the bleakest most un-Christmas morning ever. I audibly sighed and walked away wondering which of my ways I needed to change to make sure that Christmas never happens to me. I have nothing else to add, you can see for yourself what O’Connell’s flagship department store is offering up for the festive season.

Instead I’ll leave you with a clip from one of the best versions of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. I’m referring to the parody of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, which sees Edmumd Blackadder in the lead role and Baldrick as his employee, the twist being Blackadder is the ‘nicest man in England’… until the first ghost appears anyway. I highly recommend it, though, if the thought of Tony Robinson in a leather thong doesn’t exactly float your boat, I advise caution on the later video parts.

NB: I also love the Disney cartoon Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Growing up in the 80’s meant tedious TV adaptions with wobbly sets, dreadful lighting and acting so hammy you’d only need the stuffing, spuds and sprouts for Christmas dinner. The Disney version gave my 5-year-old mind all the magic of Dicken’s amazing story with the added bonus of Goofy as Jacob Marley. Genius.

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