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A Style Post: Pink Jeans and Leopard Print

Hello all,

As if you’re inside reading right now! Brightly coloured jeans are what summer is about. I like a slash of colour in an outfit but I usually leave it to just the one piece. However, having received my baroque / polka dot print shirt from Sheinside… (new love for on line shopping) I bit the bullet and went for all over colour.

As many of you know, I grew up in London, when i moved to Dublin five years ago, the first thing I noticed about Irish fashion was the vast colour pallette. Ok so in Dublin we still love an LBD or a classic black wool winter coat, but just walking down Dame Street there is so much colour. It took me a while to brave the colour myself, I was  happy to style-watch wearing the odd pop of blue or green. Now I feel brave enough, and what better place to show off my newly-colourised wardrobe, than my old home town?

Oddly, I hadn’t realised that I’d completely accessorized with black, ah well you can’t change everything all at once.

Baroque & Polka Dot Shirt,

Belt, Vintage

Pink Jeans,  Dr. Denim @ BT2

Black Stilettos, Penneys / Primark

Leather Jacket, Topshop


Whisty Xx

P.S Recognise any of the details in these photos…?

Banksy? Seen Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrells…? If you ever get the chance, taking a stroll around London Bridge to Borough Market and beyond is an amazing way to spend an afternoon.



A Style Post: Mods, Rockers & Mermaid Trousers

Ahoy there!

Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mod.

Being a Mod at heart,with a penchant for biker-style leather, there was only one option for what I’d wear for a day trip to Brighton last weekend. I’d have to go with two outfits. A Fred Perry jumper and a Topshop leather biker jacket.

Trouser-wise, that was a no-brainer; a pair of royal blue, shiny, sparkly skin-tight leggings – which were, to my delight, renamed mermaid trousers by a fabulously fierce fellow outside an ‘adult store’. I’ll go with that, mermaid trousers, at the  seaside  is too perfect.

Are you Mods…

Jumper, Fred Perry

Chain, Bag & Disco Pants, ORVintage

Lita-Style Boots, Korkys

To Be Continued tomorrow…

Yours, Whisty Xx


Inspired by fashion Post – Blonde Hair

Hey all,

So after the summer ’12 inspired fashion post on Wednesday, I reckon it’s time I looked at summer hair. I want to go blonder, not screen-siren structured blonde. I mean more California blonde, that perfect clean, surf-y, fresh kind of blonde.  Hair that hasn’t seen a curling iron or straightners, (or at least doesn’t look like it has), hair that is blonde from root to tip, naturally sun-bleached or otherwise, as long as it is blonde, not ombre blonde.

Simple, brilliant, stunning blonde.

Model Blonde: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Rock Blonde: Anita Pallenberg

Editorial Blonde: Anja Rubik (for Vogue)

Beach Blonde (via weheartit)

Shameless Blonde (weheartit)

Classic Blonde: Brigitte Bartdot

Controversial Blonde: Courtney Love (for Elle Mag)

Blonde Fringe: Blondie in a Hoodie at CBGB’s

Smirnoff in a can blonde!

Mod Blonde

Windy Blonde: hair blowing in the wind (weheartit)

Ever noticed how beautiful blonde hair looks in black and white photography?


Whisty Xx


Brown Thomas Christmas Windows 2011

Hi All,

Time to open up the first door of your advent calendar!

To celebrate December 1st and the date when it’s OK to feel festive and Christmassy, we’ve gone all dreamy with the ballet inspired Christmas windows in Brown Thomas, Dublin. The only Christmas windows worth looking at in Dublin in my humble opinion. (See 2009 and 2010 here).

Swan Lake

Sleeping Beauty

The Nutcraker

In Mary Katrantzou



Whisty Xx


The Invasion of Whisty… North London

Hello, ‘Wish you were here’,

Postcards from London…

The City of London, from Highgate Bridge, London N6 – The invasion began, my mates room, trashed as soon as my bag landed. So out we go and straight into town

First stop was, lunch at Sketch with Sophie from ASOS… Mine was the black bread Croque Monsieur

If portaloos were like this… the bathrooms at Sketch, Conduit Street, London WC1 W1S

Evening drinks with Amy and DSThe Boogaloo, Highgate, London N6

The Boogaloo Moggy… How much do I want that to be a G’n’T…?

Feeling nostalgic for the ’50’s at the ‘World Famous Boogaloo Juke’

The Notting Hill Carnival, 2011Passes for the fabulous Wrangler Carnival Party, at Bumpkin, London W11

Our welcome party at Westbourne Park Tube station

Our talented and incredibly down to earth entertainment for the evening, Maverick Sabre. In case you’ve ever wondered, being half cockney (he was born in Hackney) half culchie, (raised in New Ross, Co. Wexford) gives you one hell of a mad accent. Even so, he played a bloody beautiful acoustic set. Image via

Post Party; neon specs and pints at The Good Mixer, Camden Town, London NW1

Hair of the Dog…

Whisky Cider = Whisty Heaven

Getting my tourist on. Note actual rucksack.At Highgate Cemetery, armed with map and nerves of steel. This is one atmospheric graveyard.

The gigantic stone head of Karl Marx on his Tombstone at Highgate Cemetery

Angel tombstones

Peaceful in the woods

And back to the land of the living…A rainbow at Aces & Eights Saloon Bar, Tufnell Park, London NW5

Curry heaven, London E1

Back to Highgate Village, and one for the road


Whisty Xx

Massive thanks to DS, Amy, Sophie, Holly at Wrangler, and Ashley, for graciously returning a favour. Xxx


In a Discotheque at Dawn #2

Hey all,

So after Tuesday’s post, I was kinda of inspired by the music; specifically the lyrics. ‘In a Discotheque at Dawn‘, makes me think of  stuff  that only really happens at festivals. Dancing till the sun comes up is usually the preserve of summertime and being outdoors.

Anyway I went to the student night at Kling on Blooms Lane the other night and got talking to the Daddy or Chips club-night organiser. (When you pay in to the club, you 15% off vouchers for Kling and other places). So the subject turned to blogging then that Bryan Ferry post. Then to the idea to do a style-post, on an empty dance floor, in an empty discotheque as it were, at ‘dawn,’ so to speak.

Hot pants and discotheques go hand in hand and I love the dressed down chic of a fitted sweater or cardi so that’s what I went with. I just had my fringe trimmed too, which I’m delighted about. (I’ve missed peering out from under it, and it always ends up being pushed to the side, emo-like when it’s not kept trimmed.)

I’ve always wanted one of these egg chairs too, may have to invest in an Hermès Kellydoscope bag so I can smuggle this one out of the club.

My word this last photo makes me want red hair…

More photos and all outfit details on HerApparel


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