Tried & Tested Mascara

Tried & Tested…

Most impressive mascaras on the market

Mascara is to a make-up bag what the little black dress is to my wardrobe: an absolute essential that is there for every occasion. I know I am not the only woman who feels this way even Claudia Schiffer says she would bring mascara as her desert island essential.

This summer’s lashes are long, skinny and dramatic without being clumpy and heavy. I road test five mascaras to find out how they fare…

Yves Saint Laurent – Faux Cils

BEST BIT – Thickest lashes ever and the packaging is gorgeous

PROS – One of the blackest mascaras on the market, the YSL really does make your eyelashes thick and black. It is so thick that you only need a couple of strokes to get the desired effect with no spider’s legs. It’s great if you are in a rush, as it separates the lashes whilst coating them all individually. And it smells delicious to boot. Because it is so thick, the brush gets clogged really quickly but a rinse under a hot tap about once a fortnight is all you need to clear the brush again. www.ysl.com

Ruby & Millie – Black Mascara

BEST BIT – Longest eyelashes

PROS – Lovely packaging in a slim silver tube, and the brush is what you’d imagine a make-up artist would use. The cone-shaped bristles help give the long-lash effect and it looks as though each individual lash is coated separately. Ruby and Millie also do a great eyelash comb, which is available separately but I don’t think you would need it with this product. My lashes seem to grow in all directions but even I didn’t need it! It was the hardest to remove but the fact that it stayed perfect all day more than makes up for that! www.rubyandmillie.com

Clinique – High Impact Mascara

BEST BIT – Light, nice big brush, lasts ages

PROS – This mascara gives you natural-looking, longer-length black lashes. It is more liquid in consistency than some of the others but dries quickly on application, so there are fewer smudges if you are in a rush. Is gives a great effect for everyday use and because it dries so quickly it is good on the lower lashes, as there are no clumps. It is light, which means that you can put a number of layers on to build up the bulk if you want a heavier look. It’s good for length but not so good for volume with only one coat www.clinique.com

Estee Lauder – Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

BEST BIT – It felt like I wasn’t wearing any mascara at all and it curled my lashes really effectively

PROS – After even three coats, (I like to wear a lot of mascara) I couldn’t feel a thing, nor did I find myself looking out from underneath clumpy, spiky lashes, proving how light the mascara is. It separated out my lashes individually and created really curved lashes although I didn’t use an eyelash curler beforehand. This was definitely the best all-round mascara, giving length, definition and curl after just one coat. www.esteelauder.com

Paul & Joe – Mascara Primer Duo and Mascara Duo N

BEST BIT – Because these mascaras have different elements you can change the look to suit your mood

PROS – Boutique Parisian brand Paul & Joe has a gorgeous range of make-up in pretty antique-style packaging. The range includes two novel concept mascaras: one primes, by curling, lengthening and adding volume to your lashes, and the other separates and defines each one. These mascaras take some getting used to but with all the combinations they offer, you will definitely find a look to suit you. www.paul-joe-beaute.com

Max Factor – False Lash Effect Mascara.

Having done a ‘Tried and Tested’ mascara review I thought I was all mascara-ed out. That is until I tried this new Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara.

Firstly, it’s much larger than other mascaras I’ve tried and that’s because the brush is twice as big as other brands, so it covers all the lashes at once with its light yet effective formula.

Secondly, the first day I wore it, two people told me how long and perfectly separated my lashes looked! Now that’s a product that sells itself, and lives up to its name!

It is stunning and dramatic and exactly what you would expect from a mascara called False Lash Effect. In fact, it’s my new beauty best friend. http://www.maxfactor.co.uk

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